Return Policy

Thank you for choosing 123Forklift for your forklift purchase. We are committed to providing high-quality equipment and excellent customer service. Please review our return policy below to understand our conditions regarding forklift returns.


1. Sales are Final: All forklift sales are final, and we do not accept returns. Please ensure that you have selected the appropriate model and specifications to meet your needs before completing your purchase.

2. Thorough Inspection: We encourage all customers to conduct a thorough inspection and testing of the forklift prior to purchase to ensure its suitability for your operations.

3. Warranty: While we do not accept returns, our forklifts come with a manufacturer's warranty which covers specific parts and potential manufacturing defects. If you encounter issues that fall under the warranty, please contact our customer service for assistance.

4. Trade-Ins: Should you decide at a later time that you wish to upgrade or change your equipment, we may offer trade-in options depending on the condition and model of your forklift. This is not a guaranteed option and is subject to inspection and evaluation by our team.

5. Customer Support: If you have any concerns or issues with your forklift after the purchase, our dedicated customer support team is here to help. We strive to provide solutions and support to ensure your satisfaction.

6. Damages During Delivery: If your forklift arrives with visible damage from shipping, please report it immediately upon receipt. We will work with the shipping company to address the situation and provide a suitable solution.

7. Safety and Training: We recommend all operators complete proper training before using any forklift. This not only ensures safety but also helps in understanding the functionalities of the equipment. 123Forklift offers training services for an additional fee. 

8. Feedback: We value your feedback. If there's any aspect of our service or products you're unsatisfied with, please let us know. We continuously aim to improve based on our customers' experiences.

Thank you for your understanding and trust in 123Forklift. We are dedicated to ensuring that every customer feels confident in their purchase. If you have any questions about this policy or any other aspect of our services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team.

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