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New or Used Boom Lift?

What is a Boom Lift?

A boom lift is a type of aerial lift with a bucket attachment that lifts people or equipment to high places. Boom lift controls are in the bucket area. They are also called cherry pickers, and can move both vertically and horizontally.

When looking for boom lifts for sale, it is important to note that new and used boom lifts can come in two types. There are straight mast boom lifts or articulating boom lifts.

What is a Straight Boom Lift?

A straight boom lift is also known as a straight mast boom lift. It is a piece of lifting equipment that can lift people or equipment to heights over 180 feet. Depending on the model, height limitations vary.

A straight mast boom lift, has a straight boom arm that doesn’t bend or articulate extending out from the base.

A straight boom is more stable and will be able to lift higher than most aerial boom lifts. If this is your priority, consider browsing straight boom lifts for sale.

What is a Articulating Boom Lift?

An articulating boom lift is an aerial work platform connected by an arm with many sections. This allows the arm to bend. The articulating boom arm gains its power to extend through a hydraulic system. This is convenient for reaching blocked or otherwise obscured areas of operation.

These pivot points, or places where the sections interconnect, are sometimes called “knuckles.” This is why you’ll often hear articulating boom forklifts referred to as “knuckle boom lifts”. This adds versatility to the machine, making an articulating boom lift ideal for gaining extra reach. This helps when you need to work around or over obstacles on the worksite.

An articulating boom forklift is great for navigating tight spaces, especially indoors. Small articulating boom lifts are also available for the most limited indoor areas.

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