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What is a Forklift?

A forklift is a powered industrial truck used to lift and move materials over short distances.

A forklift is a small industrial vehicle. It has a power-operated forked platform attached at the front. This raises and lowers for insertion under a cargo to lift or move it. Forklifts serve the needs of various industries. This includes warehouses and other large storage facilities.

Forklifts are a critical element of warehouses and distribution centers. It is imperative that these structures accommodate their efficient and safe movement.

There are different types of warehouse forklift types. We will review them all to determine the best fit for you before you start browsing our inventory of forklifts for sale.

What is a pneumatic tire forklift?

Pneumatic tire forklifts are sit-down forklifts equipped with pneumatic tires. These tires are like the ones used on your car. Pneumatic tires can be solid or air-filled. 

Pneumatic tire forklifts are ideal for outdoor operation. They can handle different terrains with ease. Outdoor forklifts offer increased stability and power.

These warehouse forklifts are capable of both indoor and outdoor projects. But in particular, their treaded tires give them great traction outside.

What is a cushion tire forklift?

Cushion tire forklifts are sit-down forklifts fitted with cushion tires. They have smooth, solid rubber fitted around a metal band. Cushion tire forklifts also generally sit closer to the ground. This prohibits them from moving well outside on uneven surfaces.

Often, cushion tire forklifts are more affordable than pneumatic tire sit-down forklifts. This is because cushion tires are cheaper and easier to make.

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