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Used Forklifts Philadelphia

Liftin’ Up the City of Brotherly Love

Pennsylvania has a long and varied history. One of the thirteen original colonies, Pennsylvania has grown to an important state. Philadelphia, the largest city in Pennsylvania, is famous for its connection to the arts and culture. Not only does it boast numerous museums, but also the city has more sculptures and murals around the city than any other American city.

One of Philadelphia’s largest industries lies in the areas of trade, transportation and utilities. Forklifts for sale in PA provide valuable assistance to the trade and utilities industries. The Port of Philadelphia is the 14th busiest port—up from the 23rd busiest in 2007—in the United States. With the volume of cargo shipping in everyday, used forklifts Philadelphia are essential to move around and store the crates. Furthermore, utilities—such as telephone, cable and electricity—all make use of lifts in order to reach and service utility lines.

Culture also accounts for much of Philadelphia’s economy. Tourism is a major industry in Philadelphia, and 38 million people visited Philadelphia in 2011 alone. With so many people visiting, it is vital that popular tourist attractions, such as Philadelphia’s numerous museums, have proper maintenance. Buy fork truck Philadelphia can provide invaluable assistance to the art world—specifically in the area of assisting moving works of art around museums. When works of art need replacing or repaired, it would be much safer to move a priceless work of art using a used fork truck Philadelphia—that provides a firm and stable surface for a worker to stand on—than it would to use an unreliable ladder. Philadelphia’s outside sculptures and murals also constitute the use of aerial lifts to clean hard to reach areas; as well as, making cosmetic repairs.

Large cities like Philadelphia are constantly growing, changing and draw in large crowds. In order to keep up with the demand, Philadelphia’s industries will need to buy forklifts Philadelphia PA in the coming years. The growth in the use of the Port of Philadelphia alone suggests that the need for forklifts for sale Philadelphia (both in new purchases and in replacing those that have worn out) will continue to rise.

123Forklift is the largest distributor of new and used forklifts for sale in PA and refurbished forklift Philadelphia. In addition to sales, we also offer forklift rental philadelphia along with parts and servicing. With locations all across Philadelphia—and most of the rest of Pennsylvania—we stock hundreds of forklifts for every industry and application. Our inventory includes all major brands and equipment types. View our online inventory by completing the form above or call to speak with a sales representative at 877-326-2047.



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