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Used Forklifts Ontario


Ontario’s Food Processing and Packaging Sector Employs High Performance Forklifts. The food processing and packaging sector of Canada accrues over $32.3 billon annual sales. The city of Toronto alone is responsible for $18 billion and more than half of Canada's Food and Beverage Processing companies are based in Ontario. Canada's success in the manufacturing sector is attributed to its access of raw ingredients, the Canadian government's investments in Ontario's livestock and produce farms, and cost advantages of skilled labor.

To meet consumer demands, large food processing companies like Kellogg, Nestle Canada, Campbell Soup Company, Kraft, and Uniliever Canada rely on flawless food processing operations. Plant managers employee versatile equipment to adhere to the multifunctional demands of each division. While assembling new processing facilities, plant managers determine if they need a lift purchase or lift rental toronto. 123 forklift Toronto offers several models of sit down riders, order pickers, reach trucks, pallet jacks, telehandlers and other new or used forklift toronto. Our lift trucks toronto have the ability to withstand various environments such as freezers and rough terrain surfaces. Popular forklift toronto brands like Crown and Raymond are often housed in food processing warehouses because they design fuel-efficient and eco-friendly equipment.

Fuel-efficient and green forklifts are gaining popularity due to technological advancements that guarantee a safe environment for both workers and food processing operations. Forklift mississauga sells and rents specialty made forklifts with stainless steel resistant fork extensions and dust resistant cabs. Forklift brampton offers sit down riders with sealed enclosures to prevent leaking lubricants and engine oils. Preventing bacteria and harmful chemicals from contaminating food and beverages is the main focus in Ontario's food processing sector. An electric ottawa forklift can also used because they do not emit poisonous chemicals that may contaminate the food or beverages. This type of forklift mississauga is perfect for manufacturing facilities when products need to be transported, stocked and loaded. To determine which type of forklift brampton works best in your food processing facility, contact a 123Forklift sales representatives for a free quote.


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