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Used Forklifts Las Vegas


Last year nearly 40 million tourists flocked to Las Vegas, one of the world’s great destinations. Though many visitors go to “Sin City” in hopes of winning big at the casinos, plenty enjoy unique entertainment and free attractions throughout the city. Few visitors stop to think about what it takes to set up and put on these attractions. At 123 Forklift we know that it requires a great deal of work, and often times it requires a Nevada forklift or scissor lift to get the job done.

Botanical Gardens Offer Stunning Floral Displays
The Bellagio hotel is most noted for its massive outdoor water fountain that is the scene of a dazzling light and music show every night. But inside, guests and visitors alike marvel at the hotel’s Conservatory and Botanical Garden that features a year-round rotating display of flowers, trees and plants. The hotel's horticulturalists use scissor lifts and forklift Las Vegas to help them with a variety of tasks. During the holiday season, staff stood inside the scissor lift’s platform as they ascended to the very top of the 45-foot Shasta Fir Christmas tree. From that height, they were able to apply the finishing touches, including a tree-top star and ornaments. In order to move some of the larger floor pieces they utilized used forklifts Las Vegas.

But scissor lifts and forklifts are needed all year-round by the garden's staff and the staff of most large hotels and casinos. For example, in January, the Bellagio use the lifts to clean the giant ceramic statue of a royal emperor that stands in the center of the Chinese New Year celebration display. They also often use forklift rental Las Vegas for moving heavy scenery around and rotating large pieces to freshen up the floor plan. In summertime, staff employs them while hanging giant American flags from the 55-foot high glass ceiling covering the garden. Last season’s exhibit also featured a 30-foot high rotating Ferris wheel made entirely out of yellow hibiscus, rose petals and other plants. Scissor lifts allowed the staff to remove debris and keep the wheel in working order.

Behind the Scenes at Vegas Shows
Las Vegas features a variety of comedy shows, concerts, and performing acts all ready to entertain an eager audience. But before the singers and actors can get to work, production crews working behind the scenes often use scissor lifts to help them repair lights found at the top of the theatre and install scenery on the stage prior to show time. They also make use of refurbished forklift in Las Vegas to move heavy stage scenery and equipment that couldn’t be lifted otherwise.

The city's iconic showgirls are a common sight throughout the town. Wearing large ornate headpieces filled with feathers and rhinestones, showgirls can be found welcoming guests entering various hotels along the “Strip” or performing in their own shows. Costume designers working backstage at these shows sometimes use scissor lifts to help them attach the very tall and intricate headpieces onto the performer’s heads before they step out on stage.

Modern circus acts without animals but that feature elaborate stunts are also popular in the city. Production staff must test ropes, wires or tethers hanging from great heights for safety before stunts can occur. They use scissor lifts to raise themselves high above the stage floor and make sure harnesses and other equipment are secure and fastened before used by a performer. The elaborate stage pieces used in the acts may require companies to rent or buy forklifts Las Vegas in order to have the tools necessary to set their shows up.

123Forklift is the largest distributor of new and used forklifts in Las Vegas, so if you need to buy forklift in Las Vegas, we are your go to resource for finding the right machine for you. We also offer forklift rental las vegas , parts and servicing. With locations all across Nevada we stock hundreds of forklifts for every industry and application. Our inventory includes all major brands and equipment types. So when it comes to forklifts for sale Las Vegas know you can count on 123 Forklift to deliver the best selection and quality. View our online inventory by completing the form above or call to speak with a representative at 877-326-2047.



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