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Used Forklifts Detroit


123 Forklift Detroit Boosts Assembly Line Productivity in the Automotive Industry. When Henry Ford installed the first moving assembly line in an effort to mass produce the Model T automobile, he transformed the way America fabricated its signature products. As production lines became more advanced and new equipment was introduced, the detroit forklift quickly became a staple in every manufacturing plant. To uphold Ford’s philosophy of efficient warehouses and procedures, 123 Forklift Detroit prides itself by selling forklifts michigan of reputable brands.

With several locations in the city of Detroit, we stock the largest inventory of new and used forklifts for sale in michigan by supplying cushion and pneumatic tire sit down riders, reach trucks, pallet jacks, telehandlers, rough terrains and scissor lifts for purchase and rent. The michigan forklift is the heart of the assembly line in every manufacturing plant; if the forklifts stop working production pauses and momentum slows down. 123Forklift Detroit provides sales, rentals, parts and service guaranteed to keep your own assembly line running smoothly. Our sales staff is highly educated on the detroit forklift and offers short and long term forklift rental michigan for all types of warehouse equipment. We can help you choose the right used forklift michigan for all of your commercial and industrial needs.

Over the past few years, Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Detroit (the Big Three: Ford, General Motors and Chrysler) have been increasing their production and distribution of fuel efficient, eco-friendly cars instead of their popular sport utility vehicles and pick up trucks. As Detroit strives to maintain its status as the world’s leading automotive manufacturer, it is now more important than ever to maintain a productive assembly line and michigan forklift fleet. Forklifts michigan are typically used to lift heavy equipment or automotive parts while stocking the warehouse. Like the automotive industry, other manufacturing companies stock various types of forklifts to be used in production and transportation. As the most reliable piece of equipment a warehouse can have, used forklifts michigan are required for a successful assembly line.


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