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Used Forklifts Des Moines


Des Moines, Iowa is one of the United States’ leading cities for business and professional development. Forbes magazine rated the city as the ‘Best Place for Business’ in 2010, and gave it the number one spot on the list of ‘America’s Best Cities for Young Professionals’ just one year later in 2011. Des Moines is a hub for insurance and financial services companies, and keeps its residents healthy and happy in their everyday lives with 334 parks, and very low air and water pollution levels.

With all the business development going on in Des Moines, demand for construction is never ending. In fact, with 12% of Des Moines’ male residents working in construction, it is the leading industry in the city for male employment, even with all the other types of booming businesses. Construction and upkeep of safe, beautiful buildings is vital to support the city’s growing professional workforce across all kinds of service industries. When transporting materials or lifting things to proper heights at work sites, construction professionals depend on a variety of forktrucks for sale Des Moines to do the heavy and high lifting for them.

For example, a common practice in office space construction is to build up, creating multi-story buildings to be more efficient with the city’s ground space. When completing the outer and inner structure of tall buildings, forklift operators often depend on attachments and parts extensions to lift heavy building materials, tools and supplies onto the roof and into the different floors being worked on. Forklift parts and attachments transform a forklift initially created to lift and transport heavy objects on a pallet into a machine capable of handling nearly any heavy-lifting, high-reaching job you throw at it. Some of the most common parts attachments on construction sites include:

  • Jibs: These are one of the most commonly seen attachments on construction sites. They are extendable arms that allow workers to get around, over or under obstructions like window openings or on top of roof platforms. Jibs come with a hook to attach to whatever it needs to lift, from wooden planks to masonry scaffolds.
  • Crane lift boxes: These boxes attach to the buy forklifts Des Moines in a matter of seconds, and can lift supplies and tools to employees positioned at inconvenient heights. These boxes hold up to 4,000 pounds and offer an area of 16 square feet to put in anything and everything, from heavy metals, to a set of specialty tools.
  • Quick-tach truss booms: These are so popular because of their ability to quickly and effectively add anywhere from 10 to 15 feet to the reach of used forklifts for sale Des Moines. These are heavy-duty triangular attachments that have a strong hitch and attachment point for lifting materials. For companies constructing tall buildings that are not quite skyscrapers, these attachments are an incredible investment and eliminate the need for a crane.

Other popular attachments include working platforms so personnel can work in otherwise impossible to reach locations, trash hoppers, scooping buckets, fork extensions and loading platforms. With an investment much smaller than buying a specialty machine or different type of buy fork truck Des Moines IA, your current fleet of industrial machinery can be transformed to handle and complete all your jobs quickly and efficiently.

123Forklift is the largest distributor of forklifts in the United States. Every year we help thousands of individuals in construction, retail, e-commerce, shipping and many other industries compare and select the right forklift of des moines for their business needs. In addition to the sale of new and used forklifts Des Moines of all major brands, we offer parts, servicing, and certification and safety products. To find the perfect forklift for your needs and budget, or to learn more about how you can transform your forklift into a multi-purpose machine with add-on parts, look through our online inventory or call one of our forklift experts at 877-326-2047.



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