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Used Forklifts Dallas


Dallas TX Continues to Aid in the City's Economic Growth. Since Clark Equipment Company introduced the first internal combustion-powered industrial truck, America never stopped relying on this versatile machine to manufacture or transport its products. 123Forklift Dallas understands the importance of a reliable forklift fleet and provides forklit rental dallas, sales, parts and service of sit down riders, reach trucks, pallet jacks, telehandlers, aerial lifts, rough terrains, order pickers and other used forklifts dallas needs to expand production and transportation within the city's leading industries.

Over the last decade, the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex has experienced a steady growth in the housing development, employment rate and new commercial businesses. As warehouses and distribution centers reached full capacity and new construction projects scattered across the city, the forklifts dallas used aided in the success and growth of the economy.

Every forklift dallas tx employees serves a purpose in the economy. The versatility of the dallas forklift is defined by its range of lift weight capacity, reach height, tire mobility and fuel preference. Most forklifts dallas utilized have both indoor and outdoor applications. Various models of these forklifts have a lift capacity between 3,000-80,000 lbs and can reach over 16 feet. These types of models are ideal for companies who have both manufacturing and transportation divisions. Indoor forklifts such as sit down riders, reach trucks, and electric pallet jacks are the most popular within dallas forklift fleets. On construction sites, rough terrains, telehandlers and boom lifts are very common. These forklifts typically have pneumatic tires and high weight capacities to transport building materials and debris.

Fort worth forklift fleets operate in almost every leading industry in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Last year Dallas-Fort Worth acquired an astounding 65,100 new jobs within a 12 month time span. Not only did Dallas find itself manufacturing computers and high-tech defense equipment, but also it refocused its attention on the logistics and exportation of these products. Dallas-Fort Worth serves as a prime example to all American cities to take the success of the city's economy into its own hands.


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